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Starwax was founded in Lille in 1946 by 2 visionary brothers who complemented each other nicely: Guy and Roger Brunel. Guy had studied chemistry and Roger had done business studies.

The aftermath of World War Two was a time for rebuilding. There was room for a new way of life and a new consumer society to emerge. Wanting stability, the French brothers invested in their home sweet home… And in its everyday upkeep, of course. Guy and Roger Brunel began making wax for wood maintenance.

The early days were all about trial and error. They even created their first wax pastes in the bathtub at home.

The Starwax brand was born!

Their limited means didn’t curb their enthusiasm! As a tribute to the USA (known for its chewing gum, jazz and nylon stockings), they named their product Starwax.

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Historique : usine et cartons Starwax

The brothers soon enjoyed success and deliveries were arranged. In the early days, a boilermaker neighbour had to lend them his lorry. The first distribution channel was local and regional ironmonger’s.

In 1947, Guy and Roger Brunel opened their first factory in Hellemmes-Lille to make Starwax products. A former sergeant major from the colonial period was in charge of production. A large steam boiler was installed and supplied with rainwater.

Some examples of ads
at the time

The 2 brothers used anything and everything to tell the public about Starwax products, including blotting paper, posters, a section in the ‘La Voix du Nord’ newspaper…

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…and even video!


Historique : L'usine et le labo de Starwax

The Starwax range expanded with wax pastes and liquid waxes, not to mention new finishes for the textile industry (another regional speciality). Textiles boomed in the 50s. Pre-dye products and flame-retardant treatments were also being developed.

The ingenious, dynamic and enthusiastic Guy and Roger Brunel looked carefully at their era to detect unmet needs. With their nose for trends, they produced chemical formulas…which are still being successfully used by Starwax today!

Some examples of posters
at the time

Starodor to freshen up the home, Starwax Entretien Cuir to nourish leather, Flexir to make plastic flooring gleam… Starwax advertising posters became increasingly varied.

Historique : affiches publicitaires Starwax
Historique : Photos de la production de la cire Starwax

In the 30 years from 1945 to 1975, various leisure activities became more popular, including camping. Starwax soon launched waterproofing treatments for canvas tents. Established products sat alongside recent innovations tailored to the increasing use of certain materials like carpet, linoleum, laminate flooring and varnished flooring.

You could get anything from special window cleaner to cleaner for fireplace inserts, protective oil for teak and exotic wood, cleaner for awnings and outside fabrics, marble reviver, red algae treatment, traditional patina wax and cement remover. And the concept of tailoring products still drives Starwax’s research and development today. Whether you want to maintain a ceramic hob or painstakingly renovate a polished wooden floor, Starwax products meet a range of everyday needs. This means they suit a range of consumers, who can be anything from seasoned cleaning experts to total beginners.

Some examples of labels

Starodor to freshen up the home, Starwax Entretien Cuir to nourish leather, Flexir to make plastic flooring gleam… Starwax advertising posters became increasingly varied.

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Back to our roots: 65 years since the very first Starwax wax came out, Starwax The Fabulous is giving traditional products a modern update, including the vintage wax inspired by the original label.

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There’s more to come…