Starwax The Fabulous:
the power of traditional ingredients

At Starwax The Fabulous, we make products for discerning individuals who don’t want to compromise. Those who believe in the power of traditional ingredients representing know-how, results, authenticity and a natural approach.

Those who want to make their own recipes to create the products that best suit their needs. Those who require expert advice for guidance. And those who want products that work and contain traditional ingredients, but don’t always have the time to make them themselves.


A safe bet

For 10 years, Starwax The Fabulous has been giving the legacy of the past a modern update and returning to the Starwax brand’s origins.

When launched in 1946, the brand’s products contained simple but effective traditional ingredients. With Starwax The Fabulous, this traditional know-how is available once again in vintage 50s-style packaging with a logo directly inspired by the brand’s very first logo.

And the products are still being designed near Lille in France, so the same quality is guaranteed. 10 ans déjà que Starwax The Fabulous remet au goût du jour l’héritage du passé et renoue avec les origines de la marque Starwax.


An expert in traditional products

Our traditional ingredients are carefully selected to be as effective, pure and biodegradable as possible. And that’s why we can offer more and more products with environmental certification.

Our recipes are developed and tested by our experts to get you the best possible results. And if you prefer ready-to-use products, you’re in luck: we’ve already prepared a selection of essentials.

Our varied range

Whether you’re looking for powders, liquids, soaps, accessories or ready-to-use products, view our range to help you look after all areas of your home.

We tell you everything

We’ve provided online tips and recipe cards to help you with every step of your recipes and make your life easier.


It’s over to you

Sodium percarbonate, your assistant for a whiter wash!