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Five great reasons to use Terre de Sommières stain remover!

Oil stain on your wooden floor, spilled cocktail on your sofa, favourite jeans fallen victim to your eating habits… The solution? Terre de Sommières stain remover! Not convinced? Here are five great reasons to change your mind. It cleans all kinds of surfaces Starwax The Fabulous Terres de Sommières has absorbent properties that make it excellent […]

Vitroceramic and induction: how do you clean them without scratching them?

In spite of being practical and aesthetically appealing, vitroceramic hobs attract all sorts of greasy marks! In fact, it only takes a few minutes for your slow-cooked dishes or even your sautéed potatoes to leave greasy residues on your hob. However, a vitroceramic hob is a delicate and fragile medium. The correct products and accessories […]