Vitroceramic and induction: how do you clean them without scratching them?

In spite of being practical and aesthetically appealing, vitroceramic hobs attract all sorts of greasy marks! In fact, it only takes a few minutes for your slow-cooked dishes or even your sautéed potatoes to leave greasy residues on your hob. However, a vitroceramic hob is a delicate and fragile medium. The correct products and accessories must be used in order to clean it without causing damage. So how do you keep your hob impeccably clean from day to day, while avoiding scratches? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

Vitroceramic hobs and induction hobs: what are the differences?

At first glance, there is no obvious difference, and yet, vitroceramic and induction hobs aren’t really that similar. Vitroceramic hobs take their name from the material from which they are made (vitroceramic glass). Induction hobs (also made from vitroceramic glass) are characterised by their heating system: your pot is heated thanks to the magnetic field created at the point of contact between your pot and the hob (made of vitroceramic glass). The advantage here is that the heating and cooling times are very fast. However, you can only use pots that are suitable for induction hobs.

How should I clean my vitroceramic hob on a daily basis?

Which product should I use to clean my vitroceramic hob?

The Special Everyday Vitroceramic & Induction Cleaner is ideal for removing all marks left after cooking with the wipe of a sponge, even when the hob is still warm.

It acts on splashes of grease, even when cooked on, or spills, without scratching the hob or affecting the surrounding surfaces (don’t worry if you spray a little onto the edges of the hob or onto the worksurface). The exclusive formula of the Everyday Vitroceramic and Induction Cleaner thus guarantees optimal care, day after day.

Which accessories should I choose to clean my hob without scratching it?

To avoid the risk of scratching your vitroceramic or induction hob, ideally you should clean it with:

  • non-scratch sponge: it cleans delicate surfaces without scratching them and effectively eliminates grease marks and splashes, thanks to its abrasive, non-scratch silver.
  • An Induction & vitro scraper to effectively remove stains, dried-on food residue, and burnt-on grease from your vitroceramic hob, without scratching it.
  • Special vitroceramic and induction microfibre cloth with a striped side for removing even stubborn, encrusted marks without damaging the surface, and a looped side to mop up water and grease, thus ensuring a flawless finish.

The right way to clean your vitroceramic or induction hob

In order to avoid scratching your vitroceramic or induction hob, follow these steps when cleaning:

  1. Apply 3 to 4 sprays of Everyday Vitroceramic & Induction Cleaner from a distance of 20 cm from the surface.
  2. Spread the product over the entire hob with a non-scratch sponge, using circular movements.
  3. Leave the product to work and then remove any residues, if necessary using the Induction & vitro scraper.
  4. Rinse your hob thoroughly.
  5. Wipe your hob with a Special vitroceramic and induction microfibre cloth, clean and dry.

How do I protect my vitroceramic hob and bring it to a shine?

In order to protect your vitroceramic hob and bring it to a shine, use the Vitroceramic & induction protective treatment on an occasional basis. A true beauty cream, it performs 2 functions:

  • Firstly, it effectively eliminates grease stains, water marks etc.
  • Secondly, it polishes the hob and forms a protective film over the surface, which facilitates everyday cleaning and prevents your hob from becoming dirty sooner than it should.

All you have to do is polish with a soft cloth or a microfibre to bring your hob to a shine.

Time to get cooking! You are now kitted out to ensure that your vitroceramic or induction hob never tarnishes, with the perfect cleaning tag team: the Starwax Special Everyday Vitroceramic & Induction Cleaner and the 2 in 1 Protective Cleaner.

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