About starwax

The aim of Starwax is to take care of your living area, to provide you the best possible well-being

Since its setup, Starwax has been striving to bring you the most efficient and practical solutions to cleaning problems. The materials used to equip our homes, our furniture, etc., change, and create new housekeeping needs. Starwax products have changed over the years, getting the best out of our renowned know-how and technological advances.

Quality and effectiveness have been our creed for more than 60 years…

All the products we put at your disposal have been meticulously designed to ensure you the best results. Our chemical engineers are permanently on the alert to select the best raw materials. Throughout their lifespan, Starwax products undergo various tests to ensure you the best performances. Quality is probably the secret of Starwax’s longevity and the reason why specialized stores choose our products for you.

Starwax is a European brand!

Even if it doesn’t sound French, Starwax is a brand established in France after World War II. Starwax originated from the association of ‘Star’ and ‘Wax’, it is the ‘Star of waxes’. Indeed, the very first products of our range wre wood waxes. Since then, Starwax has grown a lot! Almost all Starwax products are designed, tested and manufactured in our factory, close to Lille.