Five great reasons to use Terre de Sommières stain remover!

Oil stain on your wooden floor, spilled cocktail on your sofa, favourite jeans fallen victim to your eating habits… The solution? Terre de Sommières stain remover! Not convinced? Here are five great reasons to change your mind.

It cleans all kinds of surfaces

Starwax The Fabulous Terres de Sommières has absorbent properties that make it excellent as a stain remover. Capable of absorbing up to 80% of its own weight, Terre de Sommières is perfect for removing a whole range of stains, especially the kinds caused by fat or grease. Its non-corrosive qualities make it suitable for use on a very wide variety of even the most delicate types of surfaces and fabrics.

It can save your sofa

There is nothing worse than having a big sticky stain on your beautiful sofa. And if it doesn’t have removable covers, the only options you often have left are your eyes to cry with and the hide-it-with-a-throw technique… unless you opt for Starwax the Fabulous Terre de Sommières stain remover that is! Simply grab yourself some kitchen roll, some Terre de Sommières and a vacuum cleaner, and operation “remove horrible stain” can commence.

Begin by removing any excess fat, grease or liquid using the kitchen roll. Next, sprinkle generously with Terre de Sommières. Leave to act for between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the type of stain, then vacuum up the remaining powder. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

It removes stains from porous floors

Starwax The Fabulous Terre de Sommières can be used to clean porous floors such as those made from tile or marble, even when they have  old, ingrained stains. All you need to this is a simple, ordinary brush. First sprinkle your floor with Terre de Sommières and leave to act for anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight, depending on how stained the floor surface is. Finally, brush gently to remove the remaining powder. Stain still visible? You can simply repeat the process again, leaving more time for Terre de Sommières to act.

It’s excellent as a dry-cleaning stain remover

Terre de Sommières can also be used as dry-cleaning stain remover. It’s perfect for cleaning textiles that cannot be machine-washed, such as car seat upholstery, chair seats, or, as we’ve already seen, sofa fabrics.  Simply allow Starwax The Fabulous Terre de Sommières enough time to act on the stain then vacuum away the remaining residue. The results will astound you!

It can be used to make a stain-removing soap

The best way of removing stubborn stains from textiles, such as marks left by makeup, butter, etc., is by making your own ultra-effective stain-removing soap. To do this, you’ll need some Starwax The Fabulous Terre de Sommières and some Starwax The Fabulous Savon de Marseille soap flakes.

Using a suitable container, mix five dessert spoons of Terre de Sommières stain remover with one dessert spoon of Savon de Marseille soap flakes. Add a little hot water and mix well to form a consistent paste, then leave to stand until dry. To use it, simply apply it to the stain on your fabric before washing it in the machine. It’s as simple as that!

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